We are the leading cannabis consultancy in South Africa.  We will establish, build and scale your legal cannabis operation.

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What We Do

Complete Cannabis Consultants is a full service cannabis consultancy based in South Africa.

We will help you to apply for your cannabis licence, build a bespoke financial model for you, design and set up your cultivation and processing facilities, develop your genetics, train your staff and assist you in selecting your offtake market.

Why Choose Us

We have global experience, an established cannabis consulting track record and significant connections within the cannabis cultivation industry.

Who is The White Lion?

Chemical engineer, master grower, glass blower, geneticist and Cannabis Supremo.  Meet the man behind the White Lion!

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Growing cannabis is not just something we do, it’s who we are.

With more than 50 years of cumulative experience, our team has a footprint in more than half of South Africa’s commercial scale cannabis farms.

A booming industry

Prohibition Partners have predicted that the South African cannabis market will be worth R30 billion by 2023.  Let us assist you in capturing your share of this lucrative market.

Since the Minister of Health enabled non-prescription access to certain cannabidiol (CBD) products in May 2019, the market for cannabis derived products has exploded in South Africa, with drops, vape products, teas, supplements and massage oils available at outlets ranging from health shops to supermarkets.

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